Zimbra Integration

Zimbra is the world's leading webmail client for business, so we decided we would create a plug-in to make it easy for you to access ReciproSoft contact, CRM, and calendar data right from within your Zimbra email manager.


As a business email inbox and collaboration system, with ReciproSoft and Zimbra, you bring productivity to a whole new level.  Through our partnership with MindCentric, we can set your business up with an end-to-end email system to replace Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, or any other program you use for managing your email.



CRM Data easily accessible, even while composing an email!



To find out more about how you can set up a ReciproSoft-enabled Zimbra solution for your organization, contact a ReciproSoft-Zimbra sales representative.  From one to hundreds of employees, we can get you going today!

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