Collaboration is KEY! 

ReciproSoft's Social Collaboration tool allows group members to interact and converse with one another, right from within the platform! 

Enjoy the ease of communicating seamlessly with you team members, whether about strategy, projects, contacts, or whatever it may be. Just like a chat, ReciproSoft's Social Collaboration feature enables all members of a team to come together in one place and discuss what's going on! When all minds communicate and engage, your team's efficiency and productivity soars! 


Your collaboration environment is private, too.  Each group has its own collaboration panel; within each panel, you can have as many conversations as you would like.  Everyone logged in to ReciproSoft then gets an instantaneous alert when a new post has been made - it's as easy as using any of the social networking tools that you're probably used to, except it's built right in to our ReciproSoft experience!!


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