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ReciproSoft is the perfect solution for a non-profit or charity organization. Our focus has always been on your success, whether through better communication, easier fundraising, or organizing your projects. We have the tools to save you time while extending your reach to increase participation, donations, and help to those in need.


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ReciproSoft is designed to grow with you, from the smallest of charities to international non-profit organizations.  ReciproSoft's tools include the entire suite of software services you need, including contact management, websites, project management, your own knowledge base, fund raising, event registration, email marketing, and more.  Our reporting is complete and graphical, making it easy for you to concentrate on your mission.  You can see, at a glance, how successful your fundraising efforts, member signups, and donor contributions are and easily alter your communication strategy for maximum effect.

Every ReciproSoft account includes a host of marketing automation tools, too.  This means you can set up automated ways to keep in touch with your members, donors, vendors, and website visitors.  All of this saves you time and money while empowering your team reach the potential you deserve!


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Certain registered non-profit, charitable organizations may qualify for a discount on the use of the ReciproSoft platform. If you would like to apply for this discount, please email with information about your organization, including your mission, offical registration status (e.g., 501c3), and goals for the use of ReciproSoft in your organization.

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