Every ReciproSoft account comes with an easy way to create surveys.

With our survey creation tool, it's easy to create online surveys so that you can gather feedback from your customers about your product or service. There is no better way to improve a product or service than collecting direct feedback from your customers. Easily create online survey questions and email the link to your customers. Also, our survey tools are included with your ReciproSoft subsciption at no extra charge. Some of our competitors actually charge extra for this feature!

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Keep track of your results

After you email your survey or post it on your social network pages, you'll instantly be able to track the results. The results are immediately tracked so that you can analyze them to see how well your surveys are working.

You can send out surveys to your email lists or you can create anonymous surveys to easily poll your website visitors.

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Integrate with your CRM and Marketing Automation

Every survey you build can have as many questions as you want, and you can build logic in to the question progression. Each question can also trigger CRM workflows, which can in turn send emails, SMS messages, set up opportunities, CRM activities, and more.

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