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e-conomic is a very popular online accounting software. More than 50,000 companies and 4,100 accountants/book-keepers use e-conomic. With e-conomic, you can create, book and email invoices. Whether you are a company, an accountant or a franchisor, e-conomic can meet your needs.

Upload your e-conomic contacts!

That's right. We now have the ability for you to upload e-conomic contacts into your ReciproSoft CRM. Once you've entered your e-conomic credentials, with a simple mouse click, you're up and running. You'll be able to review all the contacts before uploading them into your ReciproSoft CRM.

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The benefit of importing your e-conomic contacts into ReciproSoft is you'll be able to use our tools such as email marketing, social network marketing, sales pipelines and direct email correspondence (via our IMAP integration).

Need Help?

To add e-conomic contacts to your ReciproSoft group, simply go to Contacts > Import > e-conomic and insert your credentials. If you need further assistance setting up e-conomic within your ReciproSoft account, please contact support@reciprosoft.com.

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