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ReciproSoft Beats Sage CRM

Sage CRM provides only CRM.  Their website claims to have marketing automation, but read the fine print - they don't actually do any marketing automation.  Is that important?  Yes.  You want to use CRM and marketing automation that works together automatically. 


As a business owner or marketing professional, you want to have the confidence that your marketing software can impact your top and bottom line.  You want to have a deep understanding of your customers and leads, and you want to have it all accessible right now.

ReciproSoft's Intelligent CRM was built with the success of your business in mind.  Our content editing tools are easy to use and stable.  Plus, our marketing automation tools integrate with a click.  Automating your online marketing efforts will save your business time and money. Customer relationship management, email marketing and eCommerce are a snap when you use ReciproSoft - and are included with every account.


ReciproSoft makes it quick and easy for you to automate your marketing efforts to convert leads, grow sales and save time. ReciproSoft helps you set it and forget it. All of the features you need for one low monthly price. In addition to email marketing, your ReciproSoft account includes project management, CRM, event management, website analytics and more.

Feature ReciproSoft Sage CRM
Setup Fee None None
Price (based on 5,000 contacts) $149/month $39/user/month
Free Trial 30 days 30 days
Monthly Emails Unlimited Not Available
Users Unlimited 1
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Included Included
Lead / Opportunity Management Included Included
Lead Scoring Included Not Available
Predictive Analytics Included Not Available
Realtime Alerts Included Not Available
Realtime Social Collaboration Included Not Available
Email Marketing Included Not Available
Email Tracking Included Not Available
Email Templates Included Not Available
Surveys Included Not Available
Media File Sharing & Storage Included Included, but limited tracking
Event Registration Included Not Available
Project Management Included Not Available
Accounting / Financials Included Not Available
Ticketing System Included Not Available
Public & Private Wiki Tools Included Not Available
Integrated Social Media Manager Included Not Available
Website Tracking with Campaign Filtering Included, and with CRM Integration Not Available
Website / Landing Page Builder Included, also allows for personalized webpages, includes SEO tools Not Available
Lead Capture/Web Forms Included, with auto-responders, logic, and CRM integration Not Available
Blogging Tools Included Not Available
Mobile Marketing

$1.50 phone number/month
1.5 cents/SMS

Included inbound call manager with text-to-speech, caller recognition and CRM integration

Included click-to-call with automatic CRM integration

Included SMS to opt-in with automatic email address request if not already in CRM

Not Available

Standalone CRM solutions like Sage CRM require plugins to integrate all of the functions you see listed above.  Sage does not have any plugins available to address these missing tools.

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