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Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to speak to your customers or potential customers. Keeping them engaged by sending relevant content or special discounts allow you to foster a relationship that can lead to big sales.

Don't Get Nickel-and-Dimed. 

Sending emails to your customers is fast and easy with ReciproSoft, and while ReciproSoft is more expensive than Sendpepper, you'll understand why very quickly. With a lot more features, ReciproSoft provides you with everything you need to run a successful email marketing campaign in less time with better effectiveness. In addition to email marketing, your ReciproSoft account includes marketing automation, project management, CRM, event management, website analytics and more - without all of the additional fees.


Sendpepper works as only an email marketing solution, Sendpepper requires an upgrade to Office Autopilot in order to integrate any kind of marketing automation and CRM. Click here to view the Office Autopilot comparison. 

Feature ReciproSoft Sendpepper
Price (based on 5,000 contacts) $149/month $79.95/month base
Free Trial 30 days 15 days
Monthly Emails Unlimited Unlimited
Users Unlimited 1 Included, Only available as an upgrade to Office Autopilot
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Included Not Available
Lead / Opportunity Management Included Only availabe for task management and very basic, also requires a Pro level subscription.
Lead Scoring Included Only available for email sends based on limited information
Predictive Analytics Included Not Available
Marketing Automation Included Limited trigger based emails for shopping carts and landing pages
Realtime Social Collaboration Included Not Available
Email Targeting Included Very Basic, no filtering for contact fields, just basic A/B testing and list segmentation
Realtime Alerts Included Not Available
Email Tracking Included Included, but basic summary reporting and scoring
Email Templates Included Included
Archived Email Campaigns Included Included
Surveys Included Not Availabe
Media File Sharing & Storage Included Limited data and email storage
Event Registration Included Not Available
Project Management Included Not Available
Accounting / Financials Included Not Available
Ticketing System Included Not Available
Private Wiki Tools Included Not Available
Integrated Social Media Manager Included Not Available
Website Tracking with Campaign Filtering Included, and with CRM Integration Not Available
Website / Landing Page Builder with E-Commerce Included Not Available
Mobile Marketing

$1.50 phone number/month
1.5 cents/SMS

Included inbound call manager with text-to-speech, caller recognition and CRM integration

Included click-to-call with automatic CRM integration

Included SMS to opt-in with automatic email address request if not already in CRM

Not Available

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