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Website & Landing Page Builder

ReciproSoft’s Website Builder is the easiest and most cost effective way to build a website all from the convenience of one dashboard. Using the website creator, you can design a professional, customized website and online store. You can create landing pages and micro-sites and efficiently manage it all with the content management system. Any non-technical user can manage their website with ease.  In fact, we use our own website builder to manage this very website!

By managing your own website, you can update information quickly, and because ReciproSoft is web based, it is convenient for multiple team members to update information from any location.

Selling your products has never been easier and our e-commerce solution can help you! Shopping Cart Abandonment Tracking makes it simple for you to understand how your customers use your site and enables you to adjust accordingly.


Easily manage pipelines in real time


Personalized Websites & Landing Pages

Build webpages personalized to the person visiting the page! Because our analytics package keeps track of people in your Contacts/CRM database, we can create content just for your contacts. Use a simple placeholder like "Welcome Mary" or our more complex dynamic placeholders (e.g., "if contact's State is California, put the California article here").

Personalizing webpages is easy. Simply click the "Merge" button in the webpage WYSIWYG builder and choose your merge option.


Your Own Storefront & Fundraising Platform

Sell anything you want (well, anything legal) through your easy-to-configure website store. ReciproSoft integrates with Paypal and and you can have your store up and running in minutes. Put items in to categories, set up marketing automation, set goals, and keep a complete transaction log. You can even sell downloadable items like whitepapers. It's all here for you.


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Website Analytics

Did you know that with ReciproSoft you can see which of your contacts is viewing your website at any given time? Even further, did you know that you can see which pages they are viewing and how often? Just copy and paste a bit of code into your web pages and you are able to really drill down into your analytics.

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Identify Hot Prospects

When you put all of your contacts into ReciproSoft you can see if one of your prospects is returning to a particular page. This provides your sales team the opportunity to send more information or to follow up with a phone call to close the sale


Targeted Auto-Responder Emails

If you see that a prospect is checking out a certain product or service multiple times, you can create a targeted email blast dedicated just to them. By specifically talking about a certain product or services features and benefits, you are routing them through the sales funnel.


Campaign Filtering

All of the analytics can be filtered by Campaigns, meaning you can isolate which sources are working the best for you.  Track individual contacts, conversions, time spent on pages, automation campaigns and more, with a click of a button.


Realtime Alerts

Get emails sent to you when contacts in your database visit your website.  When you're using ReciproSoft, you'll receive alerts when people are visiting your site, making it easy to know exactly when key prospects are visiting.


Built-in A/B Testing

Instantly see which of your websites is performing best! Compare total pageviews, time on pages, and more all in a single, easy-to-understand summary!


Create an Engaged Audience!

Diving deep into your web analytics is valuable when it's tied in with your CRM system. Using CRM together with website visitor data provides you with a powerful tool to identify interested leads.

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